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About Us

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Our History

DJing started off as a hobby and a great way to make a little extra money on the side.  I started off doing car shows and karaoke events.  I was using borrowed equipment and playing personal cd's and using Windows Media Player to play mp3's.

One day someone asked me to do their wedding, I wasn't sure what to do - but it went off without a hitch and I never looked back.  Upgrading to professional equipment, real DJ software, and adding light kits - I realized I had a company!

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Our Philosophy

We are all about choice.  When I started the company I wanted to be able to provide entertainment to any event and be able to meet any budget (within reason).  I immediately found my niche and ran with it.


We don't use high pressure sales tactics and our goal is to create the best event possible.  Our focus is on your event, not the final total.  This mentality has resulted in excellent reviews, a lot of word of mouth, and a great reputation.  It's created so much business it's caused this webpage to take over a year to get up and running!