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So many clients have been asking about packages including a photographer that we had to figure out how to offer An Affordable Photographer and it's FINALLY here!  We knew we didn't simply want someone who went out and bought a nice camera and wants to take pictures.  We wanted someone who has completed professional training and been at events as a second shooter so it IS a photographer.  We also wanted someone versatile enough to do anything from corporate headshots and simple event photography to elegant wedding receptions -  and now we have one to offer.

Call or Text 330-495-1922 For More Information

Photos by Diego

A newcomer to the photography scene who has built quite a portfolio of images ranging from sporting events to wedding receptions.  He's agreed to offer some GREAT package pricing but is also available as a standalone service.  Contact us today for more info!

Here's a small sampling of wedding work

Want some great photographs of your events?  Here's a peak at what you can get.

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